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  • Hemp CBD (Farm bill)

  • consumer goods

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public companies

Jeff Garrison has provided accounting and financial services in numerous industries for many years. Most recently as there is a tremendous need, Jeff has devoted substantial time and effort servicing the cannabis industry. The cannabis industry takes accounting to a new level, as the industry is highly regulated, and the regulations change frequently. The industry is excessively taxed by a myriad of tax authorities, including local jurisdictions, California and at the federal level. How these overlaid taxes are computed and reported (not to mention the crippling IRC Section §280e federal tax), requires additional acumen in software integration, accounting, finance and cash management, for cultivators, manufactures, distributors, retailers and labs. A mandatory directive of any company is the development of standard operating procedures documenting systems and internal controls. This includes the areas of accounting, cash management, energy and water usage vs. delegated thresholds, inventory, HVAC efficiency, packaging, marketing, and labor practices.

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Business Consulting and Accounting



Jeff is a visionary and results driven accounting and finance executive with validated experience in multiple industries and all phases of operations and finance, including public companies and those aspiring to go public. Accomplished by way of communication, a strong work ethic, a hands-on approach, integrity, accountability, leadership, technical competence and teamwork methodology, while focusing on growth and profitability.

Systems and Internal controls

Garrison + Company

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A CPA with a cannabis Horticulture and Science Certification


Business Plans and Financial Models

  • General accounting
  • Financial statements and period closes
  • Strategy; short-term / long-term development & implementation
  • Costing and profitability
  • Forecasting & budgeting for decision making and capital raises 
  • Proficient with Excel, Word & MS Office products
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Benchmarking – results to strategy
  • Risk / Reward analysis
  • Business plans and presentations
  • Capital needs assessment and structure
  • Systems and Controls implementation
  • Contract negotiations
  • Tax planning and research
  • Software integration
  • Board presentations
  • Private Placement Memorandums